Is faith just about religion? Is faith important in living a great life?

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Has it happened to you before that it seems as though the present is in your past? This has happened to me before. I remembered I was walking along the road while I was on campus when it seems to me that I knew the next thing that will happen. As if what was happening right then to me was a replay of what had happened. This is a phenomenon called Deja Vu which is a French word which literally means ‘already seen’. Deja vu is the feeling that one has lived through the present situation before.  Does this have anything to do with faith and living a life of greatness?

Humans are not just physical. Either you agree or not, we live in different dimensions at once. A writer says that we live in the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical realm at once. Not separately but at once.
M-mental E- emotion S- spiritual P- Physical

The physical reality is the result of the three other realms.

The mental realm has to do with your thought system and this is very important to determine what you get in the physical realm. It is said that thoughts produce feelings (emotion) and feelings produce actions and of course the actions produce results.

Thoughts »»» Feelings »»» Actions = Results

It seems that the thought is the starting point. And of course, this is important. Therefore, for you to have a great life which can be a result in the physical realm, you need the kind of thoughts that can produce such a result. There is no shortcut about it. It is a principle that works irrespective of who you are or where you find yourself.

In this light, there is something that is paramount to thought turning to feelings and feelings to actions and that is faith. Faith is believing what you think. Faith in this regard is not about a particular religion you belong to. If you have the right thought and you believe it (faith), you will harness the right vibration to make it come into reality. Therefore faith is important in turning your thoughts to reality. Do you want a great, lovely and impactful life, then have faith.

Great people are believing people. They are people that believe what they want in reality even if the present tells them otherwise. They build the right thought and believe it and before you know what is happening they stir a vibration that attracts the result.

Irrespective of your religion, you need faith. Faith is not just about religion. It is important to a great life. If you have a negative thought and you believe it, you will have the result of the thought. However, if you have a positive thought- say thought of wealth and you believe it, you will definitely have wealth as result.

One more thing on this subject- the confession of your thoughts helps your faith and cause vibrations that brings result.

Action plan

  1. Take time to examine your thoughts- are they positive or otherwise? Do you think you are the worst in your class; do you think that you are miserable; do you think that you are a success etc. Write these thoughts of your down
  2. If you need to change any of the above, start now. Change your thoughts or strengthen your thoughts as the case may be.
  3. Develop faith by confessing these thoughts daily. You can write them down and paste it where you can easily see it for the sake of confessing them.
  4. Ideas, strategies and action plans will drop in your mind as you engage this. Carry them out and expect a result.

I will love to be part of your story of greatness. Feel free to share your progress with me.

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