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This is my third post on the series on Living a #GreatLife. You can click here to check the previous posts. Lest I forget, I concluded my last post by itemizing some action plan to help you live a great life. I believe you have your action plan already. Kindly go back to the post for a guide to a workable action plan to enjoy a great life.

Once upon a time, a blind man was brought to a great leader who went about doing good and healing those who need it. He like previous times attempted to heal this man. After the healing process, He asked him what he could see. The man replied and said ‘I see humans like walking trees’. This is important for a great life. What you can see is very important for a great life. What can you see? Do you see humans like walking trees or you see humans as humans?

This is a matter of perspective in which two persons can see the same thing differently and that is the beauty of being humans- highly intelligent beings. As good as this may be, this is what differentiates greatness and mediocrity. The perspective in which you see things determines if you will be great or not. Greatness is about seeing things in the right and positive perspective.

There was a story of a man who was posted to a village. When he got there, it was said he was the only one with shoes. Every other person walks barefooted and he, therefore, requested to be posted out of the village. Another person was sent to the same village with the same people who walk barefooted. He did not see the people like the other man but rather he saw an opportunity to solve the problem of the people. He requested for shoes for the people. In the long run, he solved the villagers’ problem and likewise made money. Money comes to a problem solver. People are ready to exchange money for value. What do you think differentiated the two persons above? Of course, it is the perspective in which they saw things. You got to have a good and positive perspective to earn greatness. Do you want a great life? Then have a good perspective about life and whatsoever situation you find yourself.

It is quite unfortunate that this attitude has to be learnt- it is not a default. Learning such attitude takes a deliberate act. You have to be intentional about this. Greatness comes to those who are intentional. Greatness is not a coincidence.

Action Plan

a) What is your perspective about your life and what the future holds?

b) Do you think it is the best of perspectives?

c) Put on a different lens and look again.

d) Write down how you can be of value to yourself and to the people around you right in your present state. Kindly don’t wait for a future state because it may not come if you don’t use your present resources

e) Put down a workable plan with a timeframe to harness the opportunities to greatness you have highlighted above.

I will love to be part of your story of greatness. Feel free to share your progress with me.

Click here to see my previous post as I have decided to write on this subject for a span of time.

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My regards.

Toyin Obafemi.

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