Destiny exists. True or false?

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I read an article sometimes ago written by someone. The individual argued that what we are today is the sum total of our decisions which are influenced by several factors. Of course, this is true for we are the sum of our past decisions and what we will be in the nearest future is also the total of our previous decisions and subsequent decisions that we will make.

This article was concluded with an assertion that there is nothing called destiny but our destination in life is just the total of our decisions which are not necessarily influenced by any supernatural being. This got me thinking and then here comes the question- destiny exists, true or false?

I remembered that while I was growing up, I was told stories of how we chose what we will be on earth before we came here. It is believed that we were in a world different from the earth before we were born and every one of us chose what we will be before we left the so-called world to the earth. This act of choosing what we will be is called ‘akunleyan’- it is a Yoruba word which literally means ‘kneeling down to choose’. Invariably, it is believed that we knelt down to choose the path we want to tread in the new life we are about to live.

This is not all as it was also taken that when we were born into this world, we forgot what we chose in the world that we were coming from. In a sense, this is called destiny. It is believed that what everyone will become in this world has already been sealed before the individual was born and of course it is also believed that it is possible for this to be changed by invoking supernatural powers. Of course, there are modifications to this belief depending on culture, myth and traditions however the question remains- Destiny exists. True or false? If it does exist, do people actually fulfil their destinies?

Before I continue with this subject matter, either you believe that destiny exists or not, there is a common factor to success and fulfilment- decision making and consistency. This is very important. You decide what you will be. Your decisions determine who you will be or where you will get to in this life and in the life to come if you so believe in that too. You cannot be too spiritual than your decisions and likewise, you cannot be too carnal than your decisions.

If you will end up to be impactful in life, then it will be as a result of your decisions. Success is not coincidental or meant for some set of persons alone. Success comes to those that are intentional about their lives. May I say that successful people are not surprised by their success. Likewise, those that find themselves on the side of failure should likewise not be surprised by their failure. Do you just say how about people that failed but later end up successful? Who told you that they failed in the first place? No one has failed until he or she accepts that he has failed and then seat with it. Your attitude to failure determines if you actually failed– of course, this is part of the decision towards your destination in life.

Having mentioned the above, I believe that destiny exists as the Supreme One has given each one of us a unique thing to accomplish on earth which of course no one else can accomplish the way we will. We are unique beings.

There are accounts of people whose destinies were highlighted before they were born- John the Baptist, Jesus, Cyrus, Jeremiah among others. However, they all have to make the decision to follow through on what was highlighted for them to fulfil on earth. They can decide not to follow through on their destinies.

We will continue on this line of thought in my next post as I will let you know more about destiny and I will also let you understand if it is true that some persons or beings can alter destinies. Thanks for reading. You are free to get in touch with me. I will be glad that you do.

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