Don’t Give Your Life To Chance.

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I celebrated my birthday some two weeks ago and guess what? I have spent more than three decades on earth. How come? How time flies! When was I born? I could remember how we played football on our street as a young boy and my mum would have to persistently call to get my attention. I wondered why I didn’t turn out to be a C. Ronaldo or a Merciless Messi. Several memories and I couldn’t just imagine that quite a number of years had passed.

Do you want to know how I spent my last birthday? Of course, I will tell you a little. I was on call and that means I was in the hospital over the night and this continued until later in the evening that day- the life of a doctor. It was my birthday and there I was in the hospital in the middle of the night fighting hard to stay awake and ready to save another patient that comes my way. My birthday rolled in and continued until evening before I was able to check out of the hospital.

I could not pick calls or reply those that sent in birthday wishes to me properly. Of course, I made up my mind to enjoy the day in my own way with my family.

When I got home, guess what? I got a surprise as my wife was up all day to give me a surprise. And she was successful with it as I had no clue that she was planning something all along.

Of course, unknowingly to her, I had a surprise for her too as I had planned to take her and our boy out though I was tired. We went out and we had a cool evening outdoors with some delicacies.

Just a small gossip- my boy was so glad that he jumped around and made sure he tasted all we ordered. He finished his own and made sure he joined to share of ours. It was fun to have him around.

In the midst of all these, I had time to ask myself some questions as touching my progress and dream in life. Where am I? where am I going? What have I achieved? What am I left to do? Am I doing well or am I giving my life to chance?

This is a good question for you as you step into another month. Wait! Is October just another month? No, but the beginning of a new quarter and that means we have spent 75% of this year already. The salient question is- thus far in this year, have you left your life to chance or you were intentional about your life. Did you just leave your life to the waves of events to sweep to shore or anywhere whatsoever? Take a break out of your activities and ask yourself this question- am I living to chance.

Never give your life to chance for success is not by chance. The probability to be successful by chance is very slim. It is not late to go back to the board and make your goals straight and clear.

I repeat- do not leave your life to chance. Have a happy and prosperous new month.

Also, I echo this to my dear country, Nigeria- enough of living by chance; do not give yourself to chance as you celebrate independence. Probably I should say as we ruminate on a day like this as a nation.

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