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Don’t Give Your Life To Chance.

I celebrated my birthday some two weeks ago and guess what? I have spent more than three decades on earth. How come? How time flies! When was I born? I could remember how we played football on our street as a young boy and my mum would have to persistently call to get...

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Destiny exists. True or false?

I read an article sometimes ago written by someone. The individual argued that what we are today is the sum total of our decisions which are influenced by several factors. Of course, this is true for we are the sum of our past decisions and what we will be in the...

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Why Do You Need a Website?

Some years back when I was in the university as an undergraduate, to own a laptop seems like a luxury. However, with time, a laptop was nothing close to luxury as it was a necessity for an average student. I remembered that our lectures began to be in PowerPoint...

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Have you heard of Grammarly?

I am a writer and one of the important parts of writing is proofreading and editing. After penning down your thoughts and imaginations, it is important that you review what you have written to fine tune and check some mistakes you have made while writing. I have...

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