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Why Do You Need a Website?

Some years back when I was in the university as an undergraduate, to own a laptop seems like a luxury. However, with time, a laptop was nothing close to luxury as it was a necessity for an average student. I remembered that our lectures began to be in PowerPoint...

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You Have Waited Enough. Start!

I was supposed to travel to Ile Ife and I had it planned out in my mind on how I will get there. I intended to take a bus straight to Ile Ife but when I couldn’t get a bus that will link where I was coming from to Ile Ife, I had to modify my plans. I kept on getting...

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Have you heard of Grammarly?

I am a writer and one of the important parts of writing is proofreading and editing. After penning down your thoughts and imaginations, it is important that you review what you have written to fine tune and check some mistakes you have made while writing. I have...

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