Toyin Obafemi

The help you need for a better life and impact is here. I help harness quality thoughts for a better life and lasting impact. You deserve an excellent life.

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Toyin Obafemi

The help you need for a better life and impact is here. I help harness quality thoughts for a better life and lasting impact. You deserve an excellent life.

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Approximately 80% of people fail to achieve their new year’s resolution by the second week of February. How many people do you then think actually fulfil their goals? Some say just 8%.

Don’t you then think you need a tool to help you fulfil your goals? If yes, I have one for you.


You are what you think. The mind is so powerful that it determines what an individual becomes. You cannot be greater than your thoughts. Little wonder Solomon in his wisdom said we should guard our minds with all diligence for out of it spring the issues of life. Put in another way- be careful of what you think because your thoughts run your life.

As a 600L medical student, I spent about 400,000 naira on my first book. It took me some months to write this book. I got it published and launched it at my induction into the medical profession. Among several other things which I wouldn’t want to bore you with, it was daring for me to spend that much as a medical student. I got myself into debt which my sales could not cater for. I lost several copies to distribution. They were taken without payment, and I could not even account for them.

“I am always super excited whenever Dr Toyin Obafemi’s books are released, because I know I’ll always not recover from the enormous knowledge and insights embedded therein, I just finished reading his new book and I must say that what amongst all that intrigued me, were the relatable stories that introduced each secret and his blueprint of service and resourcefulness to God and humanity. Thanks so much for the mysteries you unraveled in the book and answers to my mind troubling questions. Thanks for being an exemplary role model to us and to me personally”

Ajayi David

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Skills for Impact and profiting was conceived to reduce the unemployment rate in Nigeria and Africa by empowering the youth for self-sustenance with skills that we have tested and found profitable. We seek deployment and not employment. This is one of our contributions to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Click here to enrol

The training was hands-on and heart-engaging from beginning to end. It was never a mistake I registered for this course as it has sharpened my mind towards writing books and publishing with ease. Also, it widened my horizon on effective time management and multi-tasking.

Olajide Oluwafemi

Apart from the immeasurable development and exposure in writing skills, this training exposed me to almost all aspects of life with a passion to make a change and live a better life.

Enoch Adeboje

For everyone intending to write and publish a book, this course is a treasure. The technique of book writing and publishing taught in this course is top-notch, therefore, I recommend the course to everyone.

Sunday Ipinmoroti

My Experience in the training was impactful, tasking, skilful, transforming, educational, inspiring, worthwhile and helpful.

Dada Oluwayomi

I had so many experiences during the training. Firstly, the time stipulated for the training was not convenient when we started, but when you have a good trainer like Dr Toyin, you will surely enjoy the course. He is known to evict those who miss three attendance from the training which helped me buckle up when I got to know. This principle taught me success is not cheap; it comes with an act of seriousness. Thank you, Dr Toyin.

Omolawon Oluwaseun

The training leaped me from distractions to been more focused and dedicated to making the world benefit from what God has deposited in me. It challenged me and restructured my thinking in the area of book writing and publishing.

Just keep up the good work. Keep affecting lives. You do not know how much value you are adding to humanity. The value is beyond what you can measure with measurement and evaluation tools.

Oyebade Oyekunle

Eze Micheal

This is a training everyone who is intentional about their lives ought to be a part of.

Olosunde Busola

It was a really good time for drilling and learning. Thank you so much, Dr Toyin.

Gbenga Jegede

The training was an eye-opener to the potential resident in us.

Bidemi Famakinwa

This training was of help to me in all spheres. I have improved in several areas through this platform. It is an avenue to helping people unleash their potential.

Adeyinka Adeniruju

Excellent! It made me conscious of myself, how I spend my time and what I should spend it on.

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