Growth is sometimes not visible. Though it may be intangible at the moment, it will be revealed with time. Grow!

As a 600L medical student, I spent about 400,000 naira on my first book. It took me some months to write this book. I got it published and launched it at my induction into the medical profession. Among several other things which I wouldn’t want to bore you with, it was daring for me to spend that much as a medical student. I got myself into debt which my sales could not cater for. I lost several copies to distribution. They were taken without payment, and I could not even account for them.

I got disappointed and frustrated but connecting the dots backwards, it was a stepping stone. I have since then learnt and revolutionized my passion for writing and publishing. I have written and published 9 major books with global distribution despite my schedule as a physician and I am still counting.

Author, Coach, Medical Doctor, Digipreneur


I am Toyin Obafemi. I am an author, coach, medical doctor, and digital solutions consultant.

Despite my schedule as a physician, I have authored 9 major books which are globally distributed. This is possible as I paid attention to the deep urge to give expression to my thoughts through writing, to help as many as possible live a great life, the kind of life they deserve.

I believe that everyone deserves a great life, and this spurred me to set up platforms to help anyone and everyone harness quality thoughts for a better life and global relevance. Several individuals who had contact with some of these initiatives had set their feet on the path of excellence.

Although I trained as a medical doctor, my love for digital technology has led me to become a digital solutions consultant. I lead a team of professionals, in Pnuxel Consulting, a consulting firm that provides digital solutions with a touch of excellence.

I am happily married to Temitope and blessed with two children, Oreofe Beloved and Agape Inioluwa.