Do you know that there is something that is stronger than death? Take a guess on what this is.

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I read a book by Myles Munroe of blessed memory and he said something that kept me ruminating. His words were strong and passionate with a transforming vigour. Among several things that he said, he mentioned something that is stronger than death. Take a moment to think about this? What do you think is stronger than death? What do you think is not afraid of death and is able to outlive death?

…. a few more minutes for you to proffer an answer. You can drop your answer as a comment and you are free to open up a discussion if you think of a better answer to what I have to say. Of course, there is room to learn from one another.

Without wasting your time- Passion is stronger than death. Many had outlived death because of the passion they got out their vision or purpose for life and existence. Passion can stare eye to eye with death.

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