You deserve a great life. Yes, you do!

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It was a bright new day with new hope and faith for the good things the day holds. Just a quick one, I was at work over the night. I came home to freshen up and of course to say hi to my lovely family. it is not going to be a long time with them and even the little time will be interrupted as I have to write the summaries of all the patients I saw during the call hour for a presentation.

I multi-tasked between writing and giving a reply to my wife who has a lot to tell me about how she spent the last 24 hours. Truth be told, I only heard probably a tenth of what she said. I hope she doesn’t hear me say this or else I will have to defend my case before her #winks. I managed to respond to her in few sentences garnished with a lot of nodding and some other signs to register my agreement.

That was not all as Oreofe seeks for his own share of dad’s attention as he was preparing for school. Of course, he hasn’t seen me for the last 24 hours and he needs to feel the warmth of my presence. I joggled in-between all these as I got myself ready for work as well.

Off to work and in the seminar room, harmed with my presentation summaries and ready for the presentation. Right in the middle of it, the discussion took a divergent into the problems and challenges of the society we found ourselves. It was intense and emotions were palpable in the atmosphere. What else do you want me to tell you about my presentation? What do you expect after launching into such matters?

The discussion didn’t end without leaving us with a question- is this the kind of life we deserve? This might just be a glimpse into your situation. May be you have flogged yourself over the night with thoughts of what you should have become or where you should have been but which looks like a dream or is not close to reality. And you just wondered if this is the kind of life you deserve. You wondered if you can ever have a great life?

Before you sink your head in despair, just take a moment with me. I want to announce to you that you deserve a great life and you have it. It doesn’t matter what you can see around you; what matters is what you do with what is around you and what you believe. Mohammed Ali said ‘I am the greatest. I said that even before I know I was’. I know you can live a great life that you deserve. You are not in for a terrible life. I have decided to write consistently on this subject for a span of time and I know you will like to be part of this train as we take a journey of greatness together. Subscribe to my blog post to get notified each time I drop a post. Click here to subscribe. Invite friends to join.

‘We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things not because they are easy but because they are hard’ John f. Kennedy

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