Everyone can live a great life. Yes, everyone

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A child was born and when she was growing up, she caught an unknown illness which left her blind and deaf. What a cruel treatment to a 19 months old girl. She invariably got to recall herself as being “at sea in a dense fog”. How can she live a great life when she was left both blind and deaf. Why not deaf or blind alone? What cruelty is of whatever or whoever you will love to blame.  Of course, this is just one out of many scenarios of challenges peculiar to individuals. How will I still say that everyone and not some persons can live a great life?

Oh, there is that boy on the street who is an orphan. He barely knows where the next meal will come from. How can such live a great life? Your mind must be running to and fro to give examples of people you think cannot live a great life and maybe you think of yourself as one that is likewise disadvantaged? Maybe you have one thousand and one reasons why you think you cannot live a great life. Irrespective of whatever situation you find yourself, I want you to know that you can live a great life. You have all it takes. Yes, you do.

Every human can live a great life. What matters is ‘perspective’. What is your perspective about greatness and what is your perspective about the seeming obstacle before you to greatness? Do you know that someone can see the obstacle as a barrier to success while another sees the same obstacle as an opportunity? If you can see it as an opportunity, you will not tug your head in despair rather you will put your hands to work to mine the opportunity in the obstacle.

I watched a video of Nick Vujicic sometimes ago and it was amazing. He was born without fully formed limbs (tetra-amelia). He could have thought of killing himself and see himself as good for nothing but he didn’t. Rather he turned this into an opportunity. He learnt swimming; operates computers and phones with his foot among other things. He is a motivational speaker and has published books that are of value to people. He didn’t bury his head in despair but raised himself to a life of greatness.


Change your perspective about yourself. Always see the good out of every situation and that will go a long way to help you harness your energy to bring out greatness out of the worst of situations. You can live a life of greatness because you have the potential. Who would have thought that the butterfly came from a caterpillar? Bring out the butterfly (the beauty) out of your caterpillar.

Lest I forget the child I made mentioned of that was left blind and deaf by an unknown illness is no other but Helen Keller. She lived a life of greatness despite being blind and deaf.

Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Helen_Keller#Early_childhood_and_illness

Take Home Lessons

  1. a) You can live a great life because you have what it takes. You have the potential
  2. b) Have the right perspective
  3. c) Always bring out the best in all situations

Action Plan

  1. a) Write down what you think are your obstacles
  2. b) Take time to think of how you can turn the obstacles to opportunities.
  3. c) Put down a workable plan with a timeframe to harness the opportunities to greatness you have highlighted above.

I will love to be part of your story of greatness. Feel free to share your progress with me.

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  1. Emmanuel

    Always see the good out of every situation and that will go a long way to help you harness your energy to bring out greatness out of the worst of situations.


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