Why Do You Need a Website?

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Some years back when I was in the university as an undergraduate, to own a laptop seems like a luxury. However, with time, a laptop was nothing close to luxury as it was a necessity for an average student.

I remembered that our lectures began to be in PowerPoint format in which some of these lectures were given to us in an electronic format. Of course, we had to print them so that we can read them but there is a different and better experience when you read these notes in the electronic format for some of them comes with beautiful animations and illustrations which cannot be seen in the printed form. This experience makes it expedient for us to get a personal computer to be able to learn faster and with ease.

That wasn’t all as we needed to get our projects typed and sent to our supervisors via electronic mails. Work was done as electronic notes exchange hands between us and our supervisors without necessarily seeing our supervisor in person. This also echoed the fact that a laptop was not a luxury but a necessity. I can continue to mention different scenarios to portray the importance of a personal computer.

Don’t you think that this also resonates with owning a website- a website is not a luxury. Time changes and innovations are rolling in every day, therefore, it is good to get to know of the opportunities around us.

Established companies and businesses sought to have an online presence by owning a website and also by getting attached to other existing websites which might be in the form of social media websites, e-commerce website etc. They do this because they know that we are in a new generation in which a serious business needs an online presence. In fact, do you know that they spend money to get this done? They are willing to spend such an amount of money for they know that it is not a wasted effort as they will get such money back in several folds.

If you have something to sell, then owning a website is very important if not compulsory. Do you say, I don’t have anything to sell? Of course, it is not until you bring clothes, jewellery etc out to sell- you can sell yourself. You need to get people to know you and what you do. Until people get to know you; develop an interest in you and what you do, you cannot influence or impact them.

Do you seek people to benefit from your writings, then you need an online presence or a website. Are you a motivational speaker, then you need a website. Are you an engineer, teacher, surveyor, pastor…mention it, then you need a website to project and expand your influence and audience. A website is not a luxury but a necessity for any serious-minded professional, business owner, or a person that seeks to impact people in this generation.

A website can be likened to your online office in which anyone anywhere in the world can access you without having to travel distance. Don’t you think you should explore this advantage?

You can’t be in a physical office day and night but people can interact with your online office, your website, any time of the day.

Do you know that you can even automate some functions on your website? This means that you don’t have to be there for some things to be done. For instance, people can buy your product on your website without you necessarily showing your face. You can even be on vacation while you are making sales on your websites, unlike a physical shop or office.

The reason why you need a website continues irrespective of your profession but I will need to stop here.

Of course if you need a website I can create one for you at a price, however, I have decided to train some participants on how to create a website for themselves for free. Yes, for free! You don’t have to pay me anything for learning how to create a website. All you need to do is to be ready to own your website in the process and that is all. So, in the long run, you will benefit in two respects- 1) you get to create and own a website and 2) you get to hone the skill and you can make some money from designing websites for clients.

Registration starts now, all you need to do to get a ticket for the training is to get a domain name and host the web. I will a share a link to do this with you. You will need an average of 20,000 naira to get this done. Though, 12,000 naira will also be enough for a start. Of course, you are not paying this to me but to the web service provider. Click here to join the training.  Please don’t bother to join if you are not ready to own a website.

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