I was supposed to travel to Ile Ife and I had it planned out in my mind on how I will get there. I intended to take a bus straight to Ile Ife but when I couldn’t get a bus that will link where I was coming from to Ile Ife, I had to modify my plans. I kept on getting vehicles that are heading towards Akure which is, of course, the same route to Ile Ife- Ife is 1-2 hours’ drive from Akure. Right there I decided to take the car to Akure and fortunately for me, it was a smooth journey and when I got to Akure, I got a bus to Ile Ife without any stress.

I could have decided to wait for the bus that will take me to Ile Ife without having to stop at any terminal but I decided otherwise. Of course, I do not know how long it will take me if I have waited. Sometimes we need to keep moving even if our present action does not promise the final destiny as long as we are en-route to our ultimate goal and destination.

Destiny is not fulfilled in a day but is fulfilled daily. You need to know that a bit of your goals needs to be fulfilled daily. Don’t wait to fulfil the whole of your dream in a day. Don’t wait for the right time for the right time usually may never come. You need to be courageous enough even if the opportunity looks blurred- that is faith. Faith which births courage can see beyond the present impossibility or difficulty.

It takes courage to start a new thing. Maureen and Tony Wheeler’s first book, Across Asia on the Cheap has a philosophy- ‘all you ‘ve got to do is decide to go and the hardest part is over. So go!’ Of course the hardest thing in the fulfilment of destiny and purpose is the making of resolute decision to start and then starting. Don’t you think it is time for you to start that project? Don’t you think it is time for you to start working towards that goal of yours? Haven’t you waited enough? Cowards never start for they are afraid of failure. Be courageous and start to work towards getting your ideas to reality. I think you should start now. Yes, I mean now. Don’t wait until tomorrow. Start just now as you are reading this. Pick up your pen and write down your goals and your plans to achieve the goals.

Do you know that opportunities come every day but it is beneficial to those that are prepared? It is beneficial to those that have already started a thing. Success is not coincidental. It rather comes to those that have started doing a thing bit by bit. It is said to be a miracle when opportunity meets preparedness.

I, therefore, ask you this and I also want you to ask yourself- don’t you think you should have started? Haven’t you waited enough? Put on the ignition and set your dream in motion.

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