Have you heard of Grammarly?

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I am a writer and one of the important parts of writing is proofreading and editing. After penning down your thoughts and imaginations, it is important that you review what you have written to fine tune and check some mistakes you have made while writing.

I have always done this manually as I go through my write-ups word after word and line after line until Philip Amiola introduced me to Grammarly. Of course, this does not take away the fact that I have to go through my write-ups but it gave a better way to do that and also a more effective way. Since then I have been using Grammarly and I have gotten a good experience with the app.

I have Grammarly linked to my writing applications and when I am ready to review what I wrote, I just put Grammarly on and it gives suggestions and shows me my errors at a glance. It saves me time and energy. I also have it linked to my social media handles and it automatically reviews my writings as I type on any of the social media platforms. Is this not beautiful? It increases my effectiveness on social media and saves me of typo errors.

I, therefore, recommend Grammarly to anyone that writes. You don’t have to be a guru in writing before you use Grammarly. As long as you write, type or share an opinion for any reason, then you need Grammarly. You can click here to sign up for free. And you can also go through some of their packages to know which one suits you.

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