Here I am again! I need to remind you that it is the end of February and I wouldn’t know how far you have gone with your goals this year

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If at all you get anything from me on a monthly basis this year, it is to spur you to action to fulfil your goals for the year. I will not relent to remind you of your goals-  enough of wasting your time, enough of inactivity, enough of lack of focus, enough of distraction among other things that rob people of their destiny.

I remembered that I shared with you sometimes ago that according to the U.S. News, approximately 80% of resolutions fail by the second week of February. Of course, this is February 29th- hope you are resolute enough to stand with your resolutions or you are part of the statistics that have failed with their resolutions. Whichever, there is an opportunity to take actions and that is why I am ringing it in your ears again that you need not to lose focus on your goals and you need to fulfil those goals asap.

It is also known that only 8% of people actually achieve their goals. Why can’t you be one of those who make up the 8%?

For the record sake, I have goals slated for this year- short and long term goals. I have accomplished some while I am making progress with some and also I have not started some at all. For instance, one of my goals is to read at least one book per month. I read a full-length book and 2 short books January this year. Come February, I could not finish the book I have for the month, though I have started. Of course, I have to see to this come March.

Also, it is one of my goals for this year to release a book before April. This, I have been working hard to achieve and I believe that I will achieve this on or before April. Watch out for this book as it expounds on happiness, prosperity, liberty and blessedness. You will definitely love the book.

I can go on and on concerning my goals for the year. I just shared this with you so that you can get to work if you have not and if you are at work already, then fire on. Do not relent.

It is no news that I have a goal-tracking tool that can be of help to you. Click to get a copy if you have not. You can share this link with others.

Also, I wrote a book which will help you fulfil your goals and it is titled- how to live above circumstances; how to be in control. Click to get a copy. Please note that it comes with a package of tools to help you fulfil your goals.

Meanwhile, below are some of my books and the link to access them. You cannot recover from the depth of the insight in the books. Give it a try.

1) How to live above circumstances: how to be in control. (available in prints and electronic format). Click or to get it on amazon.

2) The Righteous Lot (print only). Contact me for a copy.

3) Moving the coils, appropriating the enormous power in us. (electronic format only and it is free). Click

4) Jesus’ Birth: The essence of His birth. (print and electronic format). Click

5) Heirs, heirs of God and joint-heirs with Christ. (print and electronic format). Click

6) The swot analysis of a leader. (e-copy and it is free). Click

7) A 62 daily devotional: the foundation of the Christian faith. Click to send in a gift to get a copy or Click

Get one, two or all of the books and you will definitely get value for your time and resources.

You can also visit my blog-

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I celebrate you.

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