Life is too short for you not to love what you do…

by Nov 1, 20200 comments


Some people look forward to the weekends because they don’t like what they do. They kept doing it to make ends meet.

At the slightest opportunity, they want to be off what they find themselves doing. They look forward to taking a new “them” which they love.

I can’t forget what one of our teachers told us while we were in school about this path called MEDICINE. He told us that if we do not love it then we will get frustrated along the way. Of course, he was talking out of the several things he had seen. “Even if a young man is wealthier than an elderly man, he cannot have rags like him” they say.

Is this just peculiar to medical practice? Of course not. There are several persons out there in one office or the other who aren’t doing what they love. They just kept at it for one reason or the other.

Here is the clarion call- find what you love to do and I wouldn’t say you should keep doing it because once you fall in love to that thing, you will find yourself going back to it again and again.

People may not notice you when you start doing what you love but with time they will and they will pay you for it. Take it or leave it.

They will begin to pay you for what you love doing.

They will begin to pay you for what you will want to do even if no one pays you. Is it not beautiful?

I have found a passion that is difficult to repent from. Find yours!

Before I drop my pen for now, a shout out to Sewa Owoeye and Adebanjo Adewobi. They got my back anytime I needed a design. Our story dated back years. Contact them as they are experts in the terrain of design and of course I can testify of them that they are awesome.

I wouldn’t leave you without a gift. Click to get yours.

Love you!

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