Have you contemplated giving up in the past or maybe even recently?

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This path sometimes might be lonely and to make it worse, scary.

It is a place no one wants to be. A place where you probably cannot describe or even know in the first place. And when you got there, you cannot decipher.

A situation that sometimes defies explanation and understanding.

The journey of life is sometimes blind with darkness thick that can be felt. Her thickness as of a blanket.

Covered with such blanket yet cold with chattering teeth.

Life! Oh, the journey of life! Why do you present yourself as an unpathed sea on several occasions? Why do you throw hardship like a dart and then in a twinkle of an eye wipe the tears of your victim with a handkerchief of care as if you truly cared? Why are you full of ups and downs?

It takes the Rays of Hope to wobble out of this despair. Little wonder, the Great Teacher said ‘if your eye is good, your whole body is full of light and if your eye is bad, your whole body is full of darkness’.  You need ‘a seeing eye’ which can see far beyond the present hardship. You need to hold tightly to this sight otherwise called hope, as a tick grip its victim.

Have you contemplated giving up before or maybe even recently?

Yes or no?

Maybe yes?

Maybe not often?

Maybe often and you find it difficult to throw it off you as the Biblical blind Bartimaeus threw away his garment.

It will be unfair to tell you that I haven’t contemplated giving up before. Of course, I have but not often and I will love to tell you why.

I told you of a 4-week online course I took last month. It was like forever- intensive with deadlines for assignments. I nearly gave up more than once. About 2,000 participants started the course; 501 completed the journey. Thanks to my wife who denied me the opportunity of giving up on the course.

If you need to be immune from the menace of giving up, then you need a strong conviction of hope. You got to be convinced of a better you and a better life.

I draw hope from the promises of the Supreme Being- the Living God. This is one of the reasons I check up on His word (the Bible) which are His letters of promises and romance to me. He writes to me as a lover writes to his bride and I look forward to reading the words of my lover. His letters I keep and count dear to my heart.

It is difficult to tread the path of life without convincing hope.

This has helped me live in joy and peace and made me strong even in the most difficult time of my life.

You are not hopeless…

Say this loud and clear.

I have hope…

I am convinced of a better life…

I am strong than ever…

It can only be better.

I love you! See you some other time still on this train of thought.

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    This is amazing sir, I am blessed by its content, thanks so much… More inspiration


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