What is the way forward?

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The year 2020 is unique as it was welcomed with COVID-19 which gradually crept in until it became the subject of global discussion and of course it did not stop until it became a pandemic.

The viral infection in a way has come to stay- maybe not at a pandemic level but has created a niche in the list of differentials for medics.

We were forced to close physical businesses in the name of “lockdown” and of course in a bid to beat the virus.

Many lost their jobs at a point and many found it difficult to meet up with their monthly bills. At thesame time, it was a financial boom for some others. What an irony!

That was not all with 2020. It was a year in which laid down plans had to wait- it brought the world to a halt.

Exams were cancelled and postponed. Dates are yet to be fixed for some until now even after 10months.

The economy bit us hard as inflation got hold of the market. The prices for food skyrocketed. The cost of living raced pass several people’s earning. People went for alternatives and were not comfortable with where they found themselves.

As if these were not enough, the #EndSARS protest began with a good and valid intention but went the other way.

We have gone through a lot this year and I think we need a way forward. I am here to remind you of the way forward irrespective of what you are passing through or had passed through.

An incidence came to mind of a man of war who had valiant men with him. They went to war and when they came back home, they met their families and belongings taken away. They cried until they could not any longer. Howbeit that such men of great strength wept?

In the midst of it, the leader of these men strengthened himself in the Lord and pursued the enemy for a recovery.

I encourage you to strengthen yourself in the Lord.

Never stay down, rather STAND UP.

Forget the past and reach out to the future.

Never allow what had happened pull you back from reaching your goals.

Encourage yourself and get back to your feet.

Heal if you need to heal.

Walk pass your nasty experience, if you need to. Some experience got to be dropped behind.

Tell your sympathizers to go home so that you can heal up and reach out for the journey ahead of you.

You are not a subject of pity and never allow anyone to treat you as such.

Take stock and make necessary adjustments.

We have 60 more days in year 2020 and it is more than enough for a recovery and for a landmark. I welcome you to a month of greatness. A great month ahead. Happy new month.

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