1 in 4 of us will have a stroke. Don’t be the one. [WORLD STROKE DAY]

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1 in 4 of us will have a stroke. Don’t be the one.



Years back, it was said that 1 out of 6 will have a stroke but recently, it is 1 of 4. Thus, the slogan “1 in 4 of us will have a stroke. Don’t be the one”

I will love to educate you about this in this short article as I have seen people come down with stroke and you don’t want to be one, especially in Nigeria. If you know, you know.

Is there anything called a partial stroke?

There is nothing called a partial stroke. A stroke is a stroke. 


How do you recognize a stroke? 


Remember F A S T 

F– Face drooping 

A– Arm weakness 

S– Speech difficulty 

T– Time to call 911

Did I just say “time to call 911”? Time to call 911 in Nigeria? The more reason why you don’t want to have a stroke in Nigeria. 

If you can’t call 911, then call a loved one to take you to the hospital, preferably a specialist hospital, and if you find anyone with any of the above, take the individual to the hospital. Not just any hospital, I am emphasizing this because we are in Nigeria.


How to prevent a stroke?

1. Check your blood pressure today. I did not say you should check it by the roadside. Can’t you go to a hospital for crying out loud? We have seen things happen. 

2. Control your blood pressure. This is important as this is a leading cause of stroke. 

3. Exercise. Exercise kwa? How many people exercise in Nigeria? And it is even said that we should have a moderate exercise for about 30 minutes, 5 times a week. I hope I am not guilty here too?

4. Eat healthy food. Instead of a soft drink and snack, go for fruit salad. Eat a balanced diet. Eat healthy!

5. Don’t binge alcohol. This means that you should not take a large quantity of alcohol at a sitting. Of course, if you can avoid alcohol, please do. 

6. Reduce your weight. Very important! 

7. Stop cigarette smoking. This is not negotiable.

8. if you are diabetic (high blood sugar), manage it well. See your doctor.

9. Lastly don’t forget to have yourself checked in the hospital at least once a year, preferable just before your birthday. 


Can a stroke be treated? 

Of course, it can, depending on the time of presentation and the extent of the stroke. There can be residual symptoms after the treatment depending on some of these factors. 

Definitive treatment is recommended within three to four and half hours. “Neurone is time” we say.

Feel free to share and let’s fight the scourge of stroke together which worsens the burden of infectious diseases in Africa and Nigeria. 



Dr Toyin Obafemi

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