3 Steps to Creating a Prosperous Life.

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3 Steps to Creating a Prosperous Life


Prosperity does not come by chance. If it was by chance, then several persons would have been prosperous.

Prosperity was defined as ‘the condition of being successful or thriving especially economic well being’ by Merriam Webster dictionary. It was also defined as ‘the state of being successful usually by making a lot of money.’

This definition is not good enough as prosperity is more than money. Making a lot of money is a form of prosperity but it does not say it all.

It is possible to have money, yet be poor.

Prosperity, therefore, can be defined as a condition of being successful in spirit, soul [which is the seat of your mind, will and emotion], body, relationship, influence, generational heritage…

How then can you create a prosperous life?

Here are 3 steps to creating a prosperous life.


1. Learn to Create.

The first step to a prosperous life is, learning to create. The holy book affirms that God is the creator because He created all things. As the creator, he created us to be a creator. We took after him as creators. If you cannot create, then you cannot be prosperous.

Creation is not first of all in the physical realm but in your mind. There is nothing that was created that wasn’t first of all created in the mind of someone. This is called an idea. Prosperous men are men of ideas though they do not stay at this level of conceiving an idea.

Prosperous men conceive, nurture and birth ideas. People come to celebrate the reality of the idea (fetus) they have tirelessly nurtured for months and even years

Before an idea, are thoughts, so I can say that ‘the summation of thoughts result to an idea’.

God started the process of creation with thoughts of what He wanted the heavens and the earth to look like. These thoughts resulted into an idea.

Bill Gates had an idea.

Steve Jobs had an idea.

Dangote had an idea.

Nelson Mandela had an idea.

Oyedepo had an idea.

The guy that created the plane conceived the plane first in his mind. He created it in his mind even when any other person had never seen it.

Do you know that you can be pregnant with an idea? That is what is referred to as conception. Misconception suggests that people misconceive your idea. This arises from the communication of a conceived idea.

If you want to have a successful life, then you need to create ideas- you need to be pregnant, pregnant of ideas.  

If your relationship is not working, likely, you have not gotten the idea that will make it work.

The hardest of work is creating ideas and strategies. This is why strategists are paid more than labourers.

We have just answered the question of ‘what’ as touching prosperity.


2. Learn the wisdom to create.

Now that you have conceived the idea. The next step is- how can this idea become tangible.

It is said that the right hemisphere of the brain is imaginative while the left is logical.

The right brain hemisphere had given you the idea. The idea is awesome and you can even see yourself there. This is the power of imagination.

Right in the middle of your dream comes the left brain hemisphere which is logical with the big question of HOW?

How can it be?

You should not back out at this question.

You must be able to provide answers to this. If not, the idea will die and prosperity will be far from you.

In your answers lies the solution. In it, is vision and mission.

So here is the next step after the conception of ideas, vision and mission. The vision is the endpoint while the mission is how to get to the endpoint.

This can also be likened to leadership and management. Leadership is seeing the endpoint while management is how to get to the endpoint.

For instance, if I have an idea to build a duplex. The leadership ability in me sees the duplex- how it will look, where I will love to have it whether on land or water. I can even see myself entering the building. This is vision- what I can see with my mind. This is not sight but foresight. I am not using my physical eyes but the eyes of my mind which can see far than my physical eyes.

This is why leadership cannot be separated from vision. A leader is a man of vision. A man who claims to be a leader and does not have a vision is a liar.

The next thing is to get the duplex on paper and harness human and material resources to get it done. This is management. Put in another word- mission.

If you want to be prosperous, you need to learn the wisdom to create which means how to translate your intangible ideas to tangible ones. In this, is wealth.

The ability to provide answers to the how is wisdom.

The story of Joseph is a good example. He used his leadership and management skill to solve the world’s famine. He saw ahead- leadership. He harnessed resources to soar on the famine- management.


3. Put the work required to create.

Prosperity does not come to lazy folks. It comes to those that put in the work required.

The two steps mentioned above is work. However, it does not end there as you need to be willing enough to put in all it takes to get the vision to reality.

It will take your resources.

It will take your comfort.

It will take patience

It will take sacrifice.

It will take strong will even in the face of misconception and misunderstanding.

It will take tenacity.

The work it takes can be moulded into what we refer to as the attributes of excellent leaders.

I am persuaded that you are on your journey to a prosperous life if you take these 3 steps to create a prosperous life.

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