Everyone wants to live above circumstances— in dominion, freedom, prosperity, sound health, peace and tranquility. The yearning of the human spirit is to live and not just to exist. We crave for something deep — “living above or being in control”. However, how many persons actually get things under control?



Do you wonder why you kept on failing?

Do you wonder why your marriage or finance is failing?

Are you at the verge of giving up?

Have you been told that nothing good can come from you?

Is success alien to you?

Have you ever wondered why others are successful and you are not?

Do you think you are where you are not supposed to be?

Do you think that you have more grounds to cover?

Do you think that you are not living the kind of life you want?

If yes to any of the questions above, then you need this book as it was written to change your story for good, for you deserve a great life.  

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Chapter Summaries

Each chapter is with a summary to drive home the principles in the chapter.

Action Plans

You need to get involved for it is a journey of transformation hence the room for action plans at the end of each chapter


You are also provided with some tools to aid understanding and to help you take actions. 

What are people saying…

Victor Femi Adepoju

Victor Femi Adepoju

Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife

I thank God for the opportunity to be part of this eye-opening seminar. I also like to thank Toyin Obafemi for the time and resources he invested in making this seminar a success.

This seminar made me understand the basic principles of living above circumstances and how to be in control. Most things I have read and heard are now becoming clearer because of this seminar. I will like to say keep up the good work.

AMOWOGBAJE, Gideon Ifedayo

AMOWOGBAJE, Gideon Ifedayo

Christian Song Writer |Web Developer |Aspiring Business Mogul

The Seminar was on fire and I have made provisions to go back to the message and ruminate on it again. This is what this generation has been looking for- to know the limitless power inherent of her. This seminar shed light in a whole new dimension on how to live above circumstances

I will recommend this message to anyone who wants to be really successful. If one can sit down and meditate on the content of this seminar and do all, one will see great improvement.

The seminar is timely. I am blessed.

Christiana Ajilo

 Thanks for this great opportunity to learn out of your wealth of knowledge. God bless and enlarge your scope of knowledge.

Babatunde Joseph

 This information is richly packaged. I learnt a lot.

Philips Christabel

Meet the Author

Toyin Obafemi is a dynamic leader with a passion for harnessing quality thoughts for a better life and impact. This is seen as he has held different leadership role with landmarks.

He doubles as a writer and publisher as his books are globally distributed. Among his works are The Righteous Lot; Heirs, heirs of God and joint-heirs with Christ; Jesus’ Birth, the essence of His birth; Moving the Coils, appropriating the enormous power in us and The Pneuma Devotional.

He is diligent, creative with a good interpersonal relationship and follows through on projects as He is not deterred by seeming obstacles. He is organized, proactive and has the habit of beginning a thing with the end in mind.

With his leadership and project management skills, He has organized virtual and workshop-styled training on book publishing and production of educational videos on various occasions. He has also coordinated website development projects.

Toyin Obafemi is a medical doctor and served as a Youth Pastor in the Redeemed Christian Church of God. He is happily married to Temitope and blessed with two children, Oreofe Beloved and Agape Inioluwa.

If you seek a short cut to achieving a good life, don’t bother to get this book. However, if you are ready to hold the bull by the horn, why not give me a chance and let’s take this journey together. It promises to be awesome

You Deserve a Great Life.

You can have the kind of life you deserve- a great life and a life of impact. Get me in and let’s walk through this journey together. I look forward to having great moments with you.

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