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How to Create and Sustain Wealth

As a young boy, I had an informal but serious conversation with my dad as he told me about wealth. I wondered why he was telling me that as a young boy- probably because I was a male child that will grow up to be a man and breadwinner of my family. I kept his words in...

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Understanding Money

What Is Money? Before you continue reading, take a moment to ask yourself- what is money? What is your answer? Tell someone beside you. If you don’t have anyone around, you can say your answer to your pet or the wall. Just speak it out. Are you satisfied with your...

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How To Break Bad Habits

My last post was on how to form good habits. If you have not seen that, kindly click here to read it. Today we will examine how to break bad habits. It is possible that you do what you do not want to do and may be you end up not doing what you intend doing just like...

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