How To Get Your Books Published


  • Learn how to get published without spending a fortune
  • Make money from your act
  • Get distributed to major book stores.


Are you a writer, then this is for you! And if you are not a writer, this can also be for you as you can make some money from publishing. You don’t have to be a writer before you know how to publish a book.

Do you wonder how you can get published?

Do you have trouble getting your books distributed as a young author?

Are you likewise considering the financial implication of getting your books published and how to make returns from your hard work in writing and publishing?

Then this training is for you as I will show you how to write and publish yourself without seeking for a traditional publisher so you will in the long run double as an author and publisher. I will also show you how to save cost in publishing and how to get distributed without stress.

The training goes for close to nothing compared to what you will gain. It is not free so that I can have committed participants. It goes for a discounted token of five thousand naira only. This is a way of empowering authors as I am aware of the challenges of young authors.

It cost me more than this to gain this knowledge and I have more value than what I paid. I have afterwards published five of my books on my own at close to no cost. All it cost me was my time and running expenses. It cost me time but also saved me time and money. I am fulfilled and elated each time my book is published because it is a dream come true.

Are you a writer and you need to get yourself published without waiting for anyone to have control of your time and resources, then this is an opportunity for you to learn how to do that.


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