I know what it meant to be out of control and what it meant to be above a circumstance. I have been there. Everyone wants to live above circumstances. Everyone wants to live in dominion and freedom and in peace and tranquility. No one wants a chaotic life. Everyone wants to live a life in which they are in control and not the other way round. The yearning of the human spirit is to live and not just to exist. We crave for something deep- ‘living above or being in control’.

Everyone wants to live above circumstances but not everyone knows how to achieve this. Therefore if you need to know how to live a good life in which you are in control of your finance, health, marriage, profession etc, then be a part of this seminar. I am sure that you will never remain the same.

You do not need to be bothered about the venue and the time for the seminar as you have been taken into consideration. The lessons will be delivered to your email address on a daily basis within the number of days that the seminar will last. All you need to do is to read before the following day and get the assignment done period. Invariably the seminar is at your pace and within your schedule.

There is also an opportunity to interact on whatsapp as I will love to answer your questions and give you practical insight.

The seminar is FREE.

Register for free at https://toyinobafemi.com.ng/seminar. Registration closes on the 1st of February, 2019 therefore register immediately.

Participants will also have access to some resources.

Kindly reach out to others with this information as it is a way of showing love and help to others.

Toyin H. Obafemi.

Harnessing quality thoughts for a better life and impact.

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