How to form good habits

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We have seen previously that we form habit and later the habit forms us.  It is therefore important that we form good habits so that we can have an impactful and better life. Everyone wants a good life but not everyone is forming habits to have a good life. Since we want a good life it is important that we pay the price for a good life which is forming a good habit. This write-up will therefore focus on how you can form good habits.

First, you must be convinced that you can form a good habit. You have the capacity to do great things. Humans are created with an incredible ability. You need to understand that you have an incredible ability than you can see presently. Do not be pessimistic but optimistic about your ability to form new and good habits. If you are not persuaded that you can form a good habit then you wouldn’t be able to form it because forming a habit starts from your mind. What you cannot do in your mind can’t be done in reality even if you have all the resources available. Do you want to form good habits? Then be convinced first that you can.

Second, you need to write down what good habit you want to form. You can have a list but as we shall see shortly, it’s good you have a short list and you start one after the other. You don’t have to form all at once. It is good you write it out so that you are sure that it is not just a wish but a choice in which you are ready to be committed to. It is said that ‘if wishes were horses, beggars would ride’.  Forming good habits entails commitment and consistency so you need a reminder therefore you need to have a list of the habit you want to form. The holy book says ‘Write the vision and make it plain on tablets that he may run who reads it’. You need to write it down so that you can run with it.

Habits are formed by repetition irrespective of if it is good or bad. A smoker didn’t become a smoker in a day. It takes a span of time of repeating the process. Same process is involved in forming good habits. It involves repetition. Now that you know the form you want to form and you have written it down. Start out with it. You don’t form habit in a day so you need to keep at it to form the habit. It might not be interesting or easy when you start but you need to keep it. With time it will become interesting and easy. A smoker most likely coughs at the first cigarette but with time gets better and use to the habit.

You do not have to feel good in the process of forming a good habit. You just have to know what to do and keep at it. Be consistent with it. It becomes easier as you keep at it. With time you find yourself expressing the habit effortlessly.

It is also important that it is likely you fall short of your target as you begin in the formation of a habit. You don’t have to be discouraged for it is expected but you should learn to be encouraged and continue in your goal. Pick it up where you have dropped it and continue the race.

I believe this write-up is of benefit to you as you form good habits. You can reach out to me if you need to.

You can check previous post on habit. My next post will center on how to break bad habits.

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